New Orleans

I got to go to New Orleans and it was great. I tried gator tail and crawfish. I got to visit a plantation called “Oak Alley”. I also got to go on a tour and we got Beignets (BEN-YAYS) and I got a Marty Gras (MARTY-GRAW) mask. We went to New Orleans for my grandpa’s Navil ship reunion and I also went on a swamp tour and we got to feed the gators. I learned that gators can jump out of water so high. They can jump out of water 2/3 of there height. My grandpa’s ship’s name was the USS Ajax. I went to the World-War 2 museum and on the way home when we were in Kentucky I passed Colonel (KUR-NOL) Sam the owner of KFC’s house.

USS= United States Ship



American Alligator Philip Bouchard via Compfight

Captain America: Civil War

I got to go to the AMC theatre to see Captain America the day it came out. I went with my dad’s friend, his son, my dad, my mom, my grandpa and my sister. it was a great movie and the seats were very comfortable. I had a blast and the movie had Black Panther, Black Widow, Iron man, Vision, Spiderman, Bucky/the Winter Soldier, Ant man, Falcon, War Machine and Captain America and Scarlet Witch.

Fantastic Fossils (SBC 7 )

I want to talk about my specialty for finding fossils. This year I went to Kelly’s island and I found a giant fossil. Of course I had to leave it. When I got back home I went to bed. The next day I went too the beach with my family. While some of my family were swimming, I was making a tiny dam out of rocks. I had to dive in the water to get rocks and one of the rocks wasn’t a rock at all. It was a fossil. There are lots of times that included me and fossils but these are my favorites.


Spaghetti (BLC 5)

My favorite food is spaghetti because 1 my grandpa makes homemade tomato sauce and meatballs. 2 because I’m Italian and my favorite Italian food is spaghetti. My favorite food is spaghetti because I have it all the time for dinner AKA supper. My favorite part of spaghetti is the meatballs because they taste so good. Speaking of tasty things sushi is a good one and if you like sushi you should visit Jada’s blog and she can fill you in about how she likes sushi. Some people say spaghetti is disgusting but I think it is delicious. And that’s what I have to say about spaghetti.


P.S. If you have never tried spaghetti I encourage you to try it.


Halloween Poems ( Blogging Challenge 4 )




A Spooky Night

Children are happy because Halloween is near. They hope that no one will give them a fear. A spider will wrap a bug in her sticky trap. On Halloween night an evil lady will appear. She is allergic to beer. She would probably like a big souvenier. The children will go to a bathroom and light three candles and scream Bloody Mary 3 times. The little children go in a haunted house and here a noise it is the chimes. Their is a bandit will do evil crimes. And when Halloween was over before the kids went to bed they drank sprite. Until there was a big scary FRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! And it sounded like a ghost said BOO but it was just a goodnight.


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My Mom’s Life in Third Grade (Blogging Challenge #3

When my mom was in third grade she did a lot of projects and her favorite subject was science. She liked to ride her horse Buck, and play with her goat Benny for fun. She used to collect and trade stickers with her friends and her favorite cartoon was Woody Woodpecker.  Her best friend’s name was Teresa but she called her Tootsie and she lived right next to my mom. Her favorite experiment was making a volcano and watching it explode. Her favorite group was Abba and her favorite song from them was called Dancing Queen. Her favorite movie was Xanadu she loved Misty, Stormy, and Sea Star books because she liked horses.  And she liked to do 4h class.  P.,S. This is not her.                                                                                 Says the horse, "Look at me, I'm a rock star!" jimflix! v ia Compfight